Items for Sale - PC boards for some of my projects, plus some items excess to my needs, or acquired items I no longer need.  Email me at ad5X at arrl dot net if interested or for more information.  All prices include US shipping.


PC Board assembly: See ALS-600 QSK Conversion.  $20. Assembled with sockets & diode, buss wire included. Must order relays separately.

PC Board: See Flexible Amplifier QSK Keying Interface. $12.

PC Board: See Automatic Voltage Reducer for LiPo 4S Batteries. $13.

PC Board: See Transceiver Front End Protection. $15.

PC Board: See An In-Line Spectrum Analyzer Station Interface: $16


PowerMaster/PowerMasterII milliwatt detectors: Two units - both a terminating and thru detector to accurately measure power from 160-2 meters from 1mw-3000ms. See Milliwatt Power Sensor for the Powermaster. The article only shows the terminating detector.  I built the thru detector for another application. $69 total for both.



55VDC 200ma power supply. Built to test QSK relay applications.  $25




Links to suppliers of electronic and mechanical parts, and tools. - A great coil design aid by Brian Beazley - power electronics focusing on technical articles, market insights, and design trends from industry-leading electrical engineers. - Good info for the engineers. - Has a lot of interesting info on some of the best soldering stations. Interesting info - Fox Delta ham radio kits.  Great variety and low prices. - Good on-line store for boatanchor parts.  Also lots of other useful parts for the builder.
W5BWC Electronics - Good ham projects.  Includes pcb sources for the projects. - Neat, low cost kits

Electraweb - Amateur radio friendly hosting service

RF Supllier has great prices and free shipping for RF connectors and cable assemblies

Weather Stations for weather stations, lightning detectors, radio-controlled clocks and more.

Mini-Circuits:  RF Power Meter, directional couplers, amplifiers, many other RF devices

RadioDan for snap-on ferrites, Bird wattmeters and elements, power supplies, relays, used equipment and other ham-related products.

CWS Bytemark for powdered iron and ferrite toroids, binocular cores, etc.

MFJ Enterprises for coils, whips, ham accessories, etc.

Array Solutions for antenna analyzers, antenna tuners, antenna components, amplifiers, RF switches, etc.

The RF Connection for RF and DIN connectors of all types.

Texas Towers for aluminum tubing.

Buddipole for portable antennas, whips, coils, etc.

Pacific Antenna for portable antennas, whips, coils, etc. Sells an improved version of the old Radio Shack 270-1408 7-foot telescoping whip.

JS Schmidt for stainless steel hardware.

McMaster-Carr for wire, grommets, pipe fittings.

All Electronics for surplus electronic parts & project boxes, nuts & bolts, etc etc etc.

Mouser Electronics for electronic components & project boxes.

Digikey for electronic components and project boxes.

On Line Components for electronic components & project boxes.

Connex Electronics for Anderson PowerPole connectors and accessories.

Max-Gain Systems for fiberglass tubes and rods.

The Deer Shock Depot for coated fiberglass rods (electric fence posts)

BatterySpace for NiMH batteries and chargers.

Harbor Freight for inexpensive hand tools.

Solder-It Company for butane torches, soldering irons and accessories.

Expanded Spectrum Systems for inexpensive QRP crystals

Tap Plastics for fiberglass and plastic products, including rods & tubes

Some Handy On-Line Calculators

Toroid Power Dissipation Calculator

Inductance Calculator

Various Useful Calculators

Antenna Loading Coil Calculator

Elsie Filter Design & Analysis Software

Return Loss and Mismatch  Loss Calculator

L/C Impedance Matching Calculator

And some GREAT ham sites:


Tom Rauch:        

L.B. Cebik:         

Alan Applegate: 

VE1ZAC:                          WWW.VE1ZAC.COM

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